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Dealing with Moss in your lawn.

I had more problems raking moss out last year then just letting it remain.  You can try raking it out, or spraying it with moss killer.  The only problem with moss killer is that it’s not good for the health of your lawn, and you have to keep doing it every year.  For example if you have a lot of shade on your front lawn then you will always have a mossy front lawn every year.  And all the work you did the previous year will be gone.  It's like buying annuals, there only good for one year.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate moss in the lawn a #7, and I would rate raking the moss out of your lawn a #4.  Heavy raking of your lawn will hurt it by making it too thin in areas and encourage weeds to get in.  And when you reseed your lawn after raking the moss out, you can get a bad batch of seeds and end up with some bad types of grass and weeds in your lawn.

​Now when it comes to a troubled lawn with a lot of bare spots and thatch.  Then you have no choice, but to rake out the moss and reseed.  Or in some cases install a new lawn.

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'Tis the season to aerate your lawn!

December is still a great time to aerate in Seattle, because the high temperature is still in the mid 40’s.  And with all the rain we’ve been getting the ground is real soft but not to soft, making it ideal conditions for aerating.  Normally October is the best time to Aerate in the fall, but I put off my aerating till November because we had so little rain.

Here are some good reasons to aerate your lawn:

  •   Aerating helps loosen compact soil. 
  •   It allows air, water, and nutrients to get down to the root zone where it counts.
  •   The hollow metal shafts of the aerator tines cut the roots of the grass, which stimulates the roots to grow deeper in the soil.
  •   Aerating removes thatch in your lawn.  The aerator cuts out of the soil a lot of little plugs, which are left lying on your lawn.  The plugs then break down and go back into the soil, and the thatch on the top of the plugs just blows away, or is sucked into the lawn mower.
  •   Also Aerating again in early spring will save you a lot of money on your water bill.  In late spring early summer, the aerating holes will allow the water to seep into the soil a lot deeper causing the water to last a lot longer before it evaporates. 

Seasonal Dos And Don'ts For Your Lawn & Garden.

Is it okay not to water your lawn in the summer?

A lot of people feel it's okay because the grass will just go dormant. Actually, 95% of the nutrients your lawn needs come from the water and air. If you deprive it of the water it so desperately needs, it will suffer to some degree. In some cases, a lot and other cases not so much.